1. zombify:

Zombie shoes!


    Zombie shoes!

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  2. Rebooted

    So I have rebooted the blog, with a new title and a new look in a bid to keep it more personal and now the plan is to keep it updated with my musings.

  3. This poster by Mondo is awesone

    This poster by Mondo is awesone

  4. zombify:

The Walking Dead by Laz Marquez

this is a great poster


    The Walking Dead by Laz Marquez

    this is a great poster

  5. The production trailer for THE LANDLORD which I shot & co-directed in 2009

    currently still in post-production 

  6. 2011 here I come

    Wow, its almost February, the 2nd month of 2011, where has January gone so quickly? Anyway lets look forward to the months ahead and it’s about time I start developing my blog more, considering I’ve only made 1 post in 7 months! So a new year = a new start and all that stuff, so here we are at that point. I didn’t bother with the old New Year resolutions as everybody knows they are never kept and usually broken within the first week, but I have set myself some challenges for the year ahead to: - 

    1) To update and maintain my blog regularly

    2) Develop and shoot my own film projects

    2a) To develop and learn new skills 

    3) To do more exciting stuff, things I enjoy, go to more places, see more things and    travel more

    4) To get more healthier more and fitter     

    So the goals are set out and as you can see  -

    (1) has been started with my first post of the year. Just got to keep up my posts from here on in.

    (2) I’ve got numerous projects in various stages of production. Well namely a short short film in the latter stages of Pre-Prod,  a medium short in early Pre-Prod, and a few feature ideas in scripting and development stages.

    (3) Well I haven’t really started on this yet, although my plans for the year ahead include Cannes Film Festival and hopefully San Diego Comic Con ( if I can get my hands on a like gold dust ticket) plus more as the year wears on

    (4) This is the one that has been neglected so far. I will get out on my bike more often I promise.

    So the foundations have been laid down and its time for me to start building on these.

    I intend to use this blog to chronicle the building of my ship and step aboard ready for my filmmaking journey across the choppy sea of the film and media industry.

    I hope that any readers will jump on board for the ride and ill be glad for the company.

    Now hold on tight it may get bumpy….

    Until next time

  7. There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness.
    — Frank Capra